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About Centerblock

What We Do

Founded in February 2021, Centerblock was created to address the high demand for NFT creation. Centerblock is a management company that assists legendary names in professional sports, entertainment, and top brands with the ideation and creation of high-end NFT projects. We maximize client NFT value by fostering community involvement and leveraging our suite of proprietary technologies and agencies. 

Our Services

Full Service Approach.

Digital Asset Creation

We leverage our in house studio, Aimi Creative, to design and create high-end digital assets for our clients. Our studio leverages some of the  most state of the art technologies around 2D/3D animations, motion capture and dynamic art illustrations. 

Asset Management

Our asset management team assists clients with proper setup of Crypto wallets, tax planning, legal and IP issues, as well as providing assistance with including digital assets within our clients’ estates to ensure that loved ones receive the revenue earnings from digital assets in perpetuity.  

Proxime Hub

A dynamic on-ramp application that connects athletes and brands with their fans. Built on the Solana Blockchain, that allows for minting, selling, and buying of NFTs with US-based bank accounts, credit cards, and any Cryptocurrency. Check out the hub here: https://www.proxime.io/

Community Engagement

Centerblock’s NFT portfolio development team will provide clear branding, publicity, storytelling, mixed media, and social content strategy.  We will leverage your current fanbase to increase the market value of your NFT assets and assist with providing a medium for fans to finance your NFT projects.

Our Team

Kenny Lofton, Partner

Former MLB Center Fielder, six-time All-Star and four-time Gold Glove winner. Kenny is passionately about creating a technology that allows for active and former professional athletes to own the creation and distribution of their likeness and memorabilia. In 2021, Kenny is a partner at Centerblock Asset Management,  and co-founded Proxime Technologies and Aimi Creative Studio. Combined, these entities provide digital asset management services and turn-key production services for digital asset creation. Kenny is also an advocate for diversity and inclusion, homelessness, and mentoring inner city youth. 

Jon Dennis, Partner

Partner and co-founder, J’on is a Certified Public Accountant with over 20 years of experience providing transactional services. J’on also serves on boards and advisory committees for many tech start-ups, specifically in Fintech, and SAaS. A strong believer in blockchain, J’on leads Centerblock’s blockchain strategy across all companies. 

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