About Centerblock Brand Consulting

Taking Your Idea to the Next Level

At Centerblock, we look forward to bringing viable brands into the metaverse. We recognize that Web3 and The Metaverse have been used as buzzwords to get people excited about the development progress of various related technologies and projects for public relations purposes and we would love to make that excitement a reality.

What We Do

A truly integrated service offering.


This includes all things financial as it pertains to Centerblock and it’s clients. This includes creating and identifying a sustainability plan, financial projections and modeling, bill payment and contract negotiations. 

Project Management

Manage and administer how existing talent utility will be executed. This includes calendar, dates, scheduling and follow-up with talent to ensure follow through of utilities and that IRL activations have been created.  

Business Strategy

This includes the company vision, as well as a roadmap and overall strategy on execution. 


Responsible for Proxime/Centerblock outside partnerships and joint ventures. This includes digital activations, media, and technology. Also responsible for identifying partnership or JV opportunities and presenting to the Board. 

Centerblock Social Impact

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Gary Payton x Cookies

There is a reason why everything that Cookies puts out takes off – because with their reputation and status, people associate them with the best of the best buds. One thing that we know for sure is that Cookies has a fire strain with Gary Payton – actually, one of the best to come out in recent years.

Gary Payton, the cannabis strain, is a cross of The Y and Snowman. The strain is named after the 20th phenotype of its genetics. When Powerzzup and Cookies created Gary Payton, they had to look at all of its different expressions to decide which version of GP was the one. The 20th phenotype was the champion, and thus was named after the NBA legend who donned the number. Cookies collabed with Gary Payton when they brought the strain to market. At Centerblock, we look forward to bringing Gary Payton and his strain to the metaverse.