Social Impact

About Centerblock Social Impact

What do you stand for?

We at Centerblock are committed to improving social outcomes for underserved communities.  We collaborate with health care providers, food banks/shelter and government entities to provide support through sourcing and delivery of both healthy and affordable food. Thus, we are able to create unique solutions in the fight for food equity. We’ve partnered with companies whose global sourcing capabilities allow us to offer a wide variety of solutions aimed to solve the food scarcity problem.

We aim to alleviate many issues regarding those in need with our programs.

Our programs include:

Children's Backpack Programs

Family Feeding Programs

Senior Meals

Values Development

USDA Reimbursable School Meals

CACFP and SFSP programs

Medically tailored Meals: Diabetic, Heart Health, and more

Culturally tailored Meals

Hygiene Kits

How do we make this happen?

Healthcare providers use our partners’ meal kit nutrition programs for the prevention and management of chronic conditions, reduce hospital readmissions and emergency visits, lower healthcare costs and fight food insecurity in underserved populations. Menus can be specific to conditions such as diabetes, heart health, weight management, pregnancy, and more.

These necessary services make for a healthy and happy community. We’re able to help provide a healthy solution at lower cost which allows us all to help more people. Our goal is to have an impact in the fight against food scarcity while keeping our core values in tact.